General terms and conditions

Argos Scentwork Academy - courses and activities

Argos Scentwork Academy is a trade name of Maatschap Kenniscentrum Argos, which is registered under the Dutch COC-number 71276467.


Article 1: Definitions, in these terms and conditions the following terms shall have the following meanings:

1. Argos Scentwork Academy: beforementioned Enterprise which under this name offers courses, lessons and activities such as mentioned and described on .
2. Student: dog owner who wishes to entertain the services of Argos Scentwork Academy for the training of his or her dog(s).
3. Agreement: the agreement that binds Argos Scentwork Academy to the student to provide one of its courses or other activities.
4. Agreement duration: the agreed duration in the agreement of one or more courses or activities.


Article 2: The agreement

1. The agreement is made by filling out the registration form for an activity on the website and the required payment for that activity on the website.
Payments are not refundable.
3. Argos Scentwork Academy reserves the right to refuse a registration when a student in the eyes of Argos Scentwork Academy does not meet the requirements mentioned on the website to enter the course or activity. In that case the student will be contacted and the fee is refunded.
4. The date the entry fee is received counts as the entry date.
5. Only after the payment is received the registration is definitive.
6. After registration, the student receives a confirmation e-mail for the activity in question.
7. When the instructor through illness or factors beyond his or her control has to end a course or activity, the remainder of the registration fee is refunded after the costs for any of the included course materials is deducted.
8. Other stipulations are only valid when these are agreed upon in writing and are only valid for the particular agreement that these stipulations refer to.


Article 3: The course or activity:

1. Group classes missed by the student automatically expire. Rescheduling is only possible by exception and after consultation with Argos Scentwork Academy. Missed classes are never refundable.
2. Private lessons can be cancelled by the student up to 24 hours in advance, without charge.
3. If private lessons are cancelled by the student less than 24 hours in advance, the lesson automatically expires. Missed lessons are not refundable.
4. If group classes or private lessons are cancelled due to illness of the instructor or factors beyond the instructor's control, the classes or lessons will be rescheduled in consultation with the student(s) and in line with the instructor's possibilities.
5. The 5 lesson cards for private detection lessons are valid for 6 months. Remaining lessons expire automatically after 6 months. Remaining lessons are not refundable.


Article 4: Terms and conditions for participating in group courses and other activities:
1. Dogs have to be on lead on the grounds of the Argos Scentwork Academy and on any other locations the lessons may take place, unless the instructor specifically requests the students to unleash the dog.
2. Students are to be properly dressed for the training of dogs.
3. The participating dogs are to look healthy and well-kept. When the instructor thinks the dog is not well the instructor reserves the right to cancel the agreement immediately.
4. Dogs that participate in a course or other activity must be properly vaccinated for contagious diseases according to common practice by a veterinarian. Instead of a vaccination, an antibody titer test also suffices.
5. When the dog is physically unwell, the student needs to consult with the instructor before he or she comes to class or a lesson.
6. Bitches in heat are not welcome in group classes.
7. The student is to follow the instructor's instructions at all times.
8. After consulting with the instructor, the students is allowed to bring other people to class at the student's risk.
9. Students must only use flat click or buckle collars or dog harnesses on their dog. Choke collars, prong collars, half checks, gentle leaders, correcting harnesses etc. are not allowed without consultation. Flexileads are not allowed during the training.
10. Argos Scentwork Academy wants to prevent any nuisance to the direct surroundings of the training site. Students should follow the directions of the instructor in avoiding any nuisance.
11. Any soiling by the dog during the training in public spaces should be cleaned up and disposed of or taken home by the student.
12. Dogs are not allowed during theory lessons unless specific agreements have been made with Argos Scentwork Academy. We expect the dog to stay at home or in the car during the theory lessons. If your dog is unable to stay at home or in the car, you can, after consultation with the instructor, bring a crate for the dog to stay in which can be placed in a designated area.
13. During the classes and lessons, smoking is forbidden inside and/or in the presence of the instructor.


Article 5: Terms and conditions for participating in lectures, seminars, theoretical courses and activities:
1. Canceling within 14 days after registration is free of charge.
2. When the registration is canceled between 60 and 14 days to the event, 50% of the registration fee is charged.
3. When the registration is canceled within 14 days to the event, 75% of the registration fee is charged.
4. If the student cancels the registration and registers a replacing student at the same time, after consultation and approval by Argos Scentwork Academy, there is no charge.
5. Cancelations must be done in writing and/or via e-mail.
6. A cancelation is to be confirmed by Argos Scentwork Academy in writing and/or via e-mail.
7. In special circumstances Argos Scentwork Academy can decide otherwise than described above.
8. Cancelation by Argos Scentwork Academy is possible due to insufficient registrations or circumstances beyond our control. In that case, the registeation fee is refunded.
9. After sufficient attendance and participation during the event, the student will receive a diploma and/or certificate. In order to receive this diploma and/or certificate we expect the student to:

    • attend 100% of the event/gatherings unless explicitly agreed with Argos Scentwork Academy;
    • execute any assignments with sufficient effort;
    • complete any exams successfully.

10. Teaching materials that are part of the event that the student has paid the registration fee for is to be kept by the student, though only for personal use. All rights are reserved by the authors and/or Argos Scentwork Academy.
The event is in Dutch, unless specified otherwise in advance.
12. Argos Scentwork Academy reserves the right to replace speakers or teachers in case of illness or to change the date of the event.
13. Argos Scentwork Academy reserves the right to change the programme or contents of the event.


Article 6: Liability of Argos Scentwork Academy:
1. Argos Scentwork Academy is not liable for any damages or injuries that are not the consequence of the execution of its services.
2. Training with the Argos Scentwork Academy is always at the student's own risk.
3. Manifest errors or mistakes in the services of Argos Scentwork Academy on the internet or in other publications do not bind the Argos Scenwtork Academy.
4. Argos Scentwork Academy is not liable when the student is not getting the desired results.
5. The instructor vouches for having and maintaining the knowledge and capabilities required to execute the agreement.


Article 7: Liability of the student:
1. The student is liable for all damages and injuries to objects and/or persons caused by the student, people who have come with the student and/or dogs brought by the student. This includes damages and injuries to materials, instructors and locations of Argos Scentwork Academy.
2. The student is required to have a liability Insurance that includes damages and injuries caused by his or her dog. We ask students to check this with the insurance company.
3. The student and his or her dog can be excluded from the course or activity when the student and/or the dog causes nuisance in such a way that the execution of the activity or course is, or is in danger to be, compromised. All ensuing costs are to be paid by the student.


Article 8: Copyright:
Copyright for written materials and video materials, including texts on the website, the intranet and Facebook, rests with Argos Scentwork Academy. None of the aformentioned materials can be reproduced, published or shared without having obtained the explicit written consent of Argos Scentwork Academy.


Article 9: Disputes:
Only Dutch law applies to agreements between Argos Scentwork Academy and the student to which these general terms and conditions apply.



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