Detection - private lessons

During our private lessons, you and your dog will be trained step by step and in your own pace by one of our certified instructors. Each lessons lasts 30 minutes and you can decide for yourselve how often and where you want to train by booking your own lessons via our digital agenda. The private lessons are perfect for both starting dogs and dogs that have completed the Advanced group course.


After you have learned the basics at our indoor training facility, the lessons will be given at different locations to make sure the lessons are diverse and your dog learns to search in all kinds of surroundings. In our webshop, you can buy a card for 5 lessons. Afterwards, you receive all the information you need to book your own lessons in the digital agenda. If you would like to train for exams, you can train to participate in the Detection Trials. Your instructor will make a plan together with you to see when you will be ready to take on your first Trials. You can also register for our intranet, where your can keep your own training logbook and where you can watch training video's.


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