What is detection?

Detection is a form of nosework that aims to train the dog to find a specific scent and to indicate that scent. This form of 'sport' is based on the way drug and explosive detection dogs are trained. In the Argos Scentwork Academy you can train your dog to detect one of these four scents: cloves, aniseed, gun oil and CBD oil.


Training your dog in detection is a great way to stimulate and challenge your dog mentally and to fulfill his natural desire to use his nose. Detection is therefore a very intensive but at the same time relaxing activity for dogs. Furthermore, as a dog owner you learn a lot during the training about how to motivate your dog, how to read the body language of your dog and how to work together as a team.


On top of that, detection can give dogs more confidence and reduce fear and insecurity. By increasing the difficulty step by step and creating success in finding the hide, dogs develop more perseverance and problem solving skills. 


At the Argos Scentwork Academy we offer detection group classes and private lessons so you can choose what suits you and your dog best. We also offer workshops for both starters to see if detection is something for you and for more advanced teams to work on a specific element in detection training. We also organise exams (Detection Trials) and competitions (Multiple Trial Tests) for those who wish to engage in detection training as a sport. Click the buttons below to find out more about each option. If you have any questions about which form of training suits you and your dog best, please do not hesitate to contact met ons op via













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