Detection Trials

For Argos Scentwork Academy students, it is possible to work towards exams: the Detection Trials. When training for the trials you will always have a goal to work towards! In total, there are 25 Detection Trials, divided over 5 categories which each 5 different levels of difficulty:


Detection Trial 1: Line-ups (levels A-E)


Detection Trial 2: Systematic searches (level A-E)


Detection Trial 3: Vehicle searches (level A-E)


Detection Trial 4: Indoor searches (level A-E)


Detection Trial 5: Outdoor searches (level A-E)


The exams are held by the Argos Scentwork Academy team during our exam days, which will take place regularly. The dates for the exam days can be found below. You can participate in a maximum of three trials per day. The rules and regulations for the exams can be found on the intranet.



After the detection lessons have started in April 2020, the first dates for the Detection Trials will appear here.




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