Multiple Trial Tests

Are you enjoying the Detection Trials and do you want to be challenged even more? Then you can participate in our competitions: the Multiple Trial Tests. These competitions are open to everyone and you are not required to be a student of the Argos Scentwork Academy. 


In the Multiple Trial Tests, you can expect non-standardised exercises, which are based on the actual detection dog practice. The MTT's take place on different, unique locations to keep you challenged. During the MTT you will take on other handlers and their dogs in the category of your choice. Afterwards, you receive a jury report so you know what is going well and what you can work on to improve as a team. Of ourse, there are also prizes to be won! And on top of that, you can earn special diploma's. The rules and regulations can be found here.


The MTT's are also open to operational teams. If you are working your dog operationally and want to join in an MTT, then please contact us to discuss all the details regarding the scents you are working with and any other particularities.


You can enter the MTT in one of three categories:


Category 1:

The dog can detect a scent (not being food or a toy) and can recognise this scent in a line-up with other, comparable scents. The dog can do a short search in a small area or around a small vehicle. The sources are big and placed no higher than 1 meter from the ground.


Category 2:

The dog can detect its own target scent in a long line-up with closed containers (such as boxes, bags and suitcases). Food and toys can now also be used as temptation scents. The dog can complete a medium long search in a semi-large area or vehicle. The sources may be small and are placed no higher than 1,5 meters from the ground. The dog can deal with mild distractions during the search.


Category 3:

The dog can complete long line-ups that may be empty. All sorts of temptations may be present, including different types of food and toys. The dog can complete a long search in a large area or verhicle. Sources can be burried or hidden deep and/or high (up to 2 meters from the ground). The area/vehicle may also be empty. The dog can deal with all kinds of distractions during the search.



De MTT van 19 september 2020 is helaas uitgesteld vanwege het Coronavirus. Nieuwe data zullen binnenkort op deze pagina bekend worden gemaakt!





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