Tracking & Trailing - Workshops

Would you like to try Tracking & Trailing or dive into a specific aspect of this sport? Then the workshops are perfect for you. During the workshops, as in the group classes, we work in small groups with only one dog working at a time. The other dogs will be waiting in the car (unless indicated otherwise below). 


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Here you find all availabe workshops:

Tracking & Trailing introduction workshop

Would you like to try out Tracking & Trailing with your dog? Then book your spot on this 2 hour workshop! 


In the workshop you will learn the beginnings of Tracking & Trailing in a group of four students. During the classes, only one dog will be working at a time. The handlers will switch roles: you work your own dog, lay a track for another dog, guard the cars or observe another team together with the instructor.


This system makes the workshop very suitable for dogs that have issues with other dogs as well. The dogs do need to be able to stay in the car when the dog is not working. If your dog is very fearful of people or has other behaviour problems, please contact us to discuss whether the workshop suits you and your dog.


For whom?
For everyone without experience in Tracking & Trailing. 


The workshop will be given in Spaarnwoude (near Haarlem). 



Deelnemen aan deze workshop kost ?32,50.


What do you need?

  • A comfortable harness for you dog
  • Een lijn van 5 meter. Deze is te koop in onze of te leen tijdens de workshop.
  • Comfortable and warm shoes and clothing
  • Plenty of water and a bowl for your dog
  • Plenty of treats for your dog



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