Tracking & Trailing Trials

For everyone who enjoys working towards exams and making a sport of Tracking & Trailing, we have the Tracking & Trailing Trials! In these, you can earn diploma's together with your dog. At the Argos Scentwork Academy, we offer the following exams:


Tracking & Trailing Trial 1: Een spoor van 500 meter lang en 30 minuten oud op onverharde en ongecontamineerde ondergrond (bos) met twee richtingsveranderingen en drie grote voorwerpen.


Tracking & Trailing Trial 2: A track of 500 metres long and 30 minutes old on three different (mostly soft) Surfaces with two junctions and four objects, without a runner at the end of the track.


Tracking & Trailing Trial 3: A track of 15 minutes old and 750 metres long on hard surfaces (industrial area) with four objects.


Tracking & Trailing Trial 4:  A track of 1 hour old and 750 metres long in a quiet residential area with two objects and mild distractions. The runner is hidden inside or behind an obstacle such as a door. 


Tracking & Trailing Trial 5: A 30 minute old track of 1500 metres long in an urban invironment with distractions. There are four objects on the track. There is also a discrimination exercise. 


The exams are held by the Argos Scentwork Academy team during our exam days, which will take place regularly. The dates for the exam days can be found below. The rules and regulations for the Trials are posted on the intranet.




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