Training facility in Hillegom

Our heated indoor training facility is located in the city of Hillegom in The Netherlands. Here we give our group classes and art of our private lessons. Here, we have all kinds of detection materials to build on the foundations in detection training. Besides the Scent Tubes and the Scent Curves we also have a scent carrousel and a variety of scent walls in order to provide challenging excercises for all levels of training. 


Each dog and handler have their own station where you can train quietly and where you can wait and relax in between the excercises. The barriers between each station make for a comfortable and quiet zone for each individual dog. 


In the shop area, where you can pay by card, you will find all of the training items from our .


During classes we will respect all measures against the Corona virus. All stations contain a bottle of disinfective gel and we will keep a distance of 1,5 meters.


Do you have a question about our facility or about how we deal with the Corona virus measures? Please contact us via



Argos Scentwork Academy
Satellietbaan 4H
2181MH Hillegom



Let op: komende via de Weerlaan vanaf de Weeresteinstraat? Volg dan niet het verkeersbord naar rechts, maar rijd rechtdoor en dan linksaf, binnen 100 meter bevindt de trainingshal zich aan je linkerhand. 



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